AXIENT® Products

With the Axient Wireless Management Network, Shure introduces a dramatic new threshold of control and confidence in RF applications with zero tolerance for failure.

The foundation of the Axient system is a suite of inter-related spectrum management tools that integrate spectrum analysis, channel allocation and device management in a seamless, network-based platform.

Microphone Systems

Axient transmitters deliver world-class audio and RF performance, rechargeability, and remote control. Axient receivers feature Shure proprietary Interference Detection & Avoidance circuitry and a wide 228 MHz tuning bandwidth that simplifies inventory and allows more channels on air.

The Axient rechargeable lithium-ion power system sets new standards for the monitoring and management of batteries and chargers. Modular, user-configurable and networkable batteries and chargers track real-time power and charge status as well as battery lifecycle details.

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Spectrum Management

The Axient Spectrum Manager is the first product of its kind in the Shure portfolio. It is designed to scan the UHF spectrum and coordinate compatible frequencies for any number of wireless channels, as well as continuously monitor, rank, and deploy backup frequencies when needed.

Remote Control

ShowLink® Remote Control is a new-to-the-world wireless network that enables real-time remote adjustments to linked transmitters and receivers.

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Axient connectivity solutions include a rack mountable and touring-ready Ethernet Switch that can automatically network an entire Axient system, and an Antenna Distributor that features robust RF filtering perfectly matched to Axient transmitter bands.

Software Solutions

Shure Wireless Workbench 6 event planning and control software was developed concurrently with the Axient platform to leverage the new features and capabilities of its integrated RF management components.

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