Axient Handheld Frequency Diversity Transmitter

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Axient Handheld Frequency Diversity Transmitter

The AXT200 Axient Handheld Frequency Diversity Transmitter is a rechargeable, remotely controllable handheld transmitter with frequency diversity for seamless, uninterrupted audio in even the most crowded RF environments. In addition to Frequency Diversity, the AXT200 delivers ultra-linear RF performance for more channels on air, superb audio quality. Its advanced rechargeable power management supports extended battery life and highly accurate status metering. ShowLink® Remote Control enables comprehensive real-time remote control of all transmitter parameters, including real-time frequency adjustments.


  • Frequency Diversity
    • Enables simultaneous transmission on two independent frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical transmitters in extreme RF settings.
    • Single-frequency transmission can also be enabled, to conserve spectrum.
  • Ultra-linear RF performance maximizes available channel capacity in challenging RF environments.
  • IR Sync establishes connection of transmitter to receiver with one touch over infrared.
  • Switchable 10/50mW RF power levels to extend run times or increase signal strength.
  • Up to 80 MHZ tuning range matched to UHF-R transmitter ranges.


  • Rugged, sleek industrial design that withstands the demands of extreme performances.
  • Lockable user interface prevents accidental or inadvertent changes to system controls once settings are made.
  • Advanced control menu to adjust frequency, audio and security settings from the transmitter.
  • High-quality backlit display provides clear view and control of all transmitter functions in low- or bright-light environments.

Power Management

  • Advanced lithium-ion batteries provide reliable, rechargeable power with up to 10 hours of run time.
  • Real-time metering reports remaining battery power in hours and minutes on transmitters, receivers and WWB6 to within 15-minutes’ accuracy.
  • Zero memory effect through lithium-ion chemistry eliminates the memory effect problems inherent in previous generations of rechargeable batteries.
  • Rapid charging brings batteries to 50% capacity within 1 hour.
  • Integrated battery design seamlessly and securely locks the rechargeable battery into transmitter body.

ShowLink® Remote Control

  • Comprehensive real-time remote control of all transmitter parameters.
    • Remote gain adjustability: Remotely adjust a performer’s transmitter gain in real time.
    • Remote frequency change: Execute a synchronized frequency change with a linked receiver in a split second.
    • Remote RF Mute: Conserves power and RF spectrum.